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Four-year system

Four-Year Program

1. Students must complete at least 136 credits for graduation credits (30 credits of common compulsory courses, 23 credits of college compulsory courses, 51 credits of specialized compulsory courses, and at least 32 credits of specialized elective courses, including at least 3 laboratory courses).

2. In addition to the listed elective courses, the student can take courses of other departments, maximum of 6 credits in each semester. Maximum of 12 credits from non-EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) group can be considered as a part of total credits of elective courses. (In addition to common compulsory general education courses, maximum of 2 credits from the courses of the Center for General Education can be considered as graduation credits.)

3. In principle students should take courses with: minimum of 16 credits and maximum of 25 credits in each semester of freshman year; minimum of 16 credits and maximum of 23 credits in each semester of sophomore and junior year; minimum of 9 credits and maximum of 23 credits in each semester of senior year.

4. Starting from academic year 2010.

5. Military and nursing training courses are not included in graduation credits.

6. 320 hours of off-campus internship (I and II) must be fulfilled.


4-year College Courses
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