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    There are nineteenth full-time teachers at NFU-DEE. They all have doctorates of domestic or foreign universities. The department consists of the dean (concurrently teaching professor), a head of the department (concurrently teaching professor), two professors, eight associate professors and eight assistant professors.With considerable teaching experience, the teaching staff exudes great teaching enthusiasm and spirit. The department’s study achievements have been noted in famous domestic and international periodicals. Furthermore, to distinguish technology features of the university and to promote cooperation between industry and the school, NFU-DEE actively engages doctors with abundant experiences in electronics practice to participate in this group, cultivating professionals that have both practical and theoretical competence in electricity.


   For cooperation with NFU-DEE developments in three directions, when engaging newly employed teachers, we actively recruit professionals in relevant areas to strengthen the teaching group at NFU-DEE. NFU-DEE research is divided into three directions: electronic integrated circuits, digital signal processing, and communication systems. At present there are three teachers for electronic integrated circuits, one teacher for digital signal processing and two teachers for communication systems. Attracting additional teachers has priority consideration for digital signal processing and communication systems in the short-term. Electronic materials, photoelectric materials, semiconductor manufacture and measurement, wireless communications, satellite communication, optical fiber communication, VLSI design and biomedical detectors will be expanded in conformance to the teaching development and goals in NFU-DEE research.