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Future prospect

The short, middle and long term future development goals of NFU-DEE are as follows:



1. Short-term plan


·       Strengthen the teaching of basic courses and plan the research space.

·       Promote cooperative projects between the school and regional industries.


·       Combine the teachers from relevant specialized fields in electrical engineering and computer science and information engineering. Integrate the experimental equipment and course schemes. Avoid waste of resource and improve competitiveness.



2. Middle-term plan


·       Cooperate with industry to develop photo-electricity semiconductor materials and devices, integrated circuit design and relevant microwave communication techniques.

·       Expand participation in every study plan and research.  

·       Prepare for the electronics master's degree at NFU-DEE.



3.Long-term plan


·       Cooperate with the high development of the Science-based Industrial Park in Central Taiwan, and establish a research and development center of photo-electricity semiconductor material and device.

·       Cooperate with national si-soft project, and establish the SOC chip research and development center.

·       Participate in the execution of national study plan to improve the academic research level.