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Key development


The department has established three objectives in teaching, research and service, as follows:



1. Teaching

(1)  The teachers at NFU-DEE are very experienced in using practical application studies, strictly managing students’ study activities, making graduates feel welcome and positive about their learning experience. Graduates that continue taking advanced study can also be admitted to the national university, extending their learning development.

(2)  NFU-DEE classifies the practice course as a compulsory course, holding a project competition and requiring a thesis. University students are encouraged to participate in research proposals to improve their professional knowledge and practical ability. NFU-DEE also engages industry experts as committee members in planning courses which incorporate the concept of “last one mile”, ensuring that graduates put their studies into jobs quickly.

(3) Students are encouraged to take certificate examinations and contribute to improving market competitiveness after graduation through participation in numerous international contests.


2. Research

     The NFU-DEE research field is divided into three directions: integrated circuit design and manufacture, microelectronics and electro-optical engineering, and communication systems. The focus is on practical application and technical proficiency combined with exposure to national industry activities. We endeavor to get research proposals from the National Science Council and several organs of Executive Yuan to develop high technology electronic techniques combined with industry demand. This promotes the development of national competitiveness in science and technology.  

3. Service

      1. The teachers of NFU-DEE offer professional services including electronics, photo-electricity, communication, and IC design. We hope to guide small and medium-size enterprises from related fields and enable them to design new products with their own brand name by the fosterage of Innovation and Incubation Center of NFU.


     2. NFU-DEE hopes that by cooperation between the university and industry, on-the-job training will be available to the staffs from public or private enterprises in Yunlin and Chiayi and therefore building a good interaction and cooperation between the university and industry. Based on the interaction, we endeavor to obtain the opportunity to deal with related electronic professional training courses from the Council of Labor Affairs and the National Youth Commission to reduce the employment problem in Yunlin and Chiayi.

      3. To serve the community and promote industry, NFU-DEE hopes to hold academic seminars and technical forums related to the electronic, photo-electricity, and communication to promote industry competitiveness.