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    Department of Electronic Engineering was established on August 1st, 2005, aiming to foster outstanding electronic engineering personnel and promote quality in electronic industry of our country. The education of the department emphasizes electrical theory and practice and focus on students’ independent thought and creativity. NFU is located beside Huwei Science-based Industrial Park. It is one of the innovative science and technology developments in Central Taiwan.


      The purpose of this department is to integrate present researches and teaching resources of the departments of CSIE, EE, and EOE. Exceptional teachers with practical industry experience are combined to develop practical electronic research and technology for industry applications; thereby we foster the “e-generation electronic engineers.”

The department is divided into three directions: integrated circuit design and manufacture, microelectronics and electro-optical engineering, and communication systems. Students are given practical ability in the relevant high technology industries, including semiconductors, integrated circuits, signal and system engineering, communication engineering, etc. We focus on theory and practice studies—teaching professional theory and industrial application— and cooperate to scientific and technological trends in the industries of electronics, communication …etc.

Train students to possess professional knowledge and technological proficiency in electronics, semiconductors, digital system design, and wireless communication engineering.  Let students become senior electronic engineers with practical abilities in the design, manufacture, use, and recycling of electronic products.